I believe that one way to test yourself both physically and mentally is through endurance sports. And I like to test myself every day. For some people the distance is a 5k or 10k or marathon. For me, it is Ironman distance triathlons or longer. I believe that setting goals and keeping a rigorous training schedule helps me stay focused and efficient.

Swim 6.2 miles, bike 270 miles, run 52.4 miles

The Ultraman is an ultra-distance triathlon consisting of a 6.2 mile swim, 170 mile bike, and a 52.4 mile run. It is a three stage event that takes place over three days – each stage having a 12 hour time limit. I have been fortunate enough to race in Ultraman four times – three times at the Ultraman World Championships on the Big Island of Hawaii and once at Ultraman Canada in British Columbia, Canada. In 2010 I competed in both races and became the 17th person ever to have completed both of those races in the same year. You can find a race recap from 2012 here and watch my TEDx talk about the experience.

Skydive Ultra 100 miler 2017

San Joaquin River Trail 50k 2016

Umstead 100 miler 2016 

Mendon Ponds 50k 2015 

Ultraman World Championships 2012 

Ultraman World Championships 2011 

Ultraman World Championships 2010 

Ultraman Canada 2010

Sulphur Springs 100 miler

Check out the video below from when I ran the Sulpher Springs 100 – my first 100 mile race – in May 2011. I covered the distance in about 23 and a half hours.